Charley And The Cake Factory 
Beaufort South Carolina 
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Celebrate with a beautiful cake

Let me put my imagination to work for you.
Party planning can be such a fuss and through the mayhem we find ourselves sacrificing  the beauty and the personal touch on what should be the center piece of the party "THE CAKE " Well no more, Hi my name is Charley and I can custom create a cake that will generate the personality, interests, hobbies and for the little ones ( all around playfulness ) within my cake designs. You simply answer a few questions about the individual in which the cake is being designed for and I will do all the work.
More affordable than you think.
I know what your thinking " Custom cakes, that sounds expensive". Not here. I am a military wife and mother of three, so I know that money can be tight. I offer my services with that being the utmost consideration. Please feel free to view my pictures and prices.  I also provide a free cake for the little ones turning one, with the purchase of a custom cake. The little ones cake is by no means little, they are 5" round and two layers of the only mess they will ever be given permission to make and the pictures, " Priceless "
Tailored to your taste buds.
I can incorporate a number of icing flavors and fillings.
Cake flavors include: White, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon, Strawberry, French vanilla, Watermelon, Cherry, Confetti, Marble ( chocolate and white or strawberry and white ) Pineapple,Mango.
Icing flavors include:  Whipped Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Sweet whipped cream cheese and Butter Cream. 

Prices also vary depending on difficulty of design and supply. I do require a deposit of half the cost of the cake ( nonrefundable ) to book your date within 5 business days. This deposit is incorperated into the total price of the cake but cannot be refunded should you need to cancel. ( refunds can only be given for homecoming or deployment cakes ) You can make your deposit through paypal on my CONTACT ME page.
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