Charley And The Cake Factory 
Beaufort South Carolina 
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Cupcakes & Chocolates

Don't want a cake, I can provide flavors galore in a cupcake size, customized to fit your taste buds. I love coming up with new cupcake flavors, so if you have an idea or a craving, throw it my way and I will find something to fill your taste bud void. Mix and match the cake flavors with the icing flavors and fillings, just use your yummy imagination.

Watermelom: watermelon flavored cake with watermelon flavored butter cream

*Banana Split: Banana flavored cake filled with strawberries and whipped cream icing, topped off with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup ( with or without nuts) with a cherry on top.

*Honey Bun: Chopped honey buns mixed in with French vanilla cake and white chocolate morsels, honey and cinnamon topped off with whipped vanilla icing , drizzled with honey and cinnamon.

Root Beer float: Root beer flavored cake filled with whipped vanilla icing,topped with root beer flavored butter cream.

*Smores: Chocolate cake mixed with marshmallows, graham cracker and chocolate morsels, topped with chocolate icing and sprinkled with graham cracker and marshmallow's

*Turtle: Chocolate cake mixed with caramel morsels and pecans, filled with caramel and topped with chocolate icing drizzled with caramel syrup, sprinkled with pecans.

*Cherry Cheesecake: White cake filled with cherries and cheesecake, topped with sweet cream cheese icing.

Cookies and cream: White cake mixed with cookie pieces, filled with cookies and cream whipped filling topped off with vanilla cream icing and sprinkled with cookie pieces.

Banana cream: Banana flavored cake with banana pudding filling and topped off with whipped cream icing.

Coconut cream: White cake filled with coconut cream pudding topped off with sweet cream cheese icing.

*Strawberry Shortcake: French vanilla cake filled with strawberries and whipped cream icing topped off with whipped cream icing.

*Rocky Road: Chocolate cake mixed with marshmallows ,walnuts, white and chocolate morsels, topped off with chocolate icing.

Key Lime: Lime flavored cake filled with key lime filling, topped off with

*Pecan Pie: Spice cake filled with baked pecan pie and topped off with buttercream.

Lemon: Lemon flavored cake, with a lemon filling topped off with merange.

Raspberry: French vanilla cake with a raspberry filling topped off with raspberry flavored butter cream.

*White Chocolate Rasberry: White cake with white chocolate chunks filled with sweet rasberry filling and topped off with cream cheese.

Apple Cinnamon: Spice cake with a hint of apple cider filled with real apples/cinnamon and topped off with vanilla buttercream sprinkled with cinnamon.

Mango Monster: White cake flavored with a hint of mango, filled with sweet chunks of mango and topped off with a light mango buttercream.

Tropical Punch: Tropical punch flavored cake topped off with sweet tropical punch buttercream ( sweet and tangy )

*Banana Cream: Banana flavored cake filled with a grahm cracker crust and banana cream, topped off with banana flavored buttercream.

*English Toffee peanut butter chunk: Chocolate cake mixed with chunks of toffee, chocolate, and peanut butter ( very chunky ) topped off with a chocolate english toffee ganache.

Banana fudge: Banana cake filled with chocolate ganache and topped off with a banana buttercream .

Pumpkin Spice: Spice cake filled with pumpkin and topped off with a light buttercream.

*Peanut butter chocolate: Chocolate cake mixed with peanut butter morseld, filled with peanut butter chocolate and topped off with a swirl of peanut butter and chocolate.

*Strawberry Cheesecake: Vanilla cake filled with real chunks of sweet strawberries and cheesecake, topped off with cream cheese.

More flavors to come to tempt your taste bud's.

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