Charley And The Cake Factory 
Beaufort South Carolina 
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Wedding Cakes range from $150.00-and up
Small two tiered cakes range from $85.00- $125.00
Unfortunately it is difficult to put a price on an unknown design. Prices are based on level of difficulty, supply, fillings etc..

Please contact me with any questions  you might have at  and let me know the details of what you are looking for so that I can give you the best price..

Cupcakes: I am offering all of my (one) filling cupcakes for $15.00 a DZ and $10.00 1/2 DZ

Two fillings/additional ingredients or more are $18.00 a DZ and $13.00 Some of the filled cupcakes offer 1-3 fillings or additional ingredients, depending on the flavor you crave. I have added a * next to the two fillings or more.

Cupcakes non filled: You can choose a variety of icing flavors for $10.00 a DZ

Icing flavors include: Orange, Butter cream, Sweet Cream Cheese, Whipped Vanilla, Chocolate Butter Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon, Coconut, Maple, Rum and Whipped cream ( more to come )

Special order icing flavors: These flavors depend on, on hand supply. ( please give at least two weeks notice )They include Watermelon, Root Beer, Rasberry, Tropical Punch, Cheesecake, Lime, Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi, Bavarian Cream, Marshmallow and Cotton Candy. ( more to come )

Chocolate lollipops: prices range by size and detail
Small: $8.00 a Dz
Medium: $10.00 a DZ
Large $12.00 Dz

Chocolate Marine Corps, Navy, High heel $10.00
( I will be providing other chocolates for holiday ocassions.)

Please understand that I am currently working alone and do not have staff available to take over for me should an emergency arise, however should this occur, I will refund your deposit and give you a $10.00 discount on your next cake order and a $3.00 discount on any of my other products. I am a military wife, so with that in mind my circumstances can change at a moments notice. Thank you

Have questions? Please contact me

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